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Paw Paws Pet Rescue would be nowhere without our supporters and there are so many ways that you can help.



Volunteers keep the rescue moving smoothly even when times are trying and hectic. Your commitment to helping for even one day, one event, or for one transport make an amazing impact on how we run. Something as simple as visiting the dogs for some socialization can make such a big difference in their day.

Contact us here or on our socials today for volunteer scheduling.



Every Home Counts.

Fostering gives families (and of course the dogs) the opportunity to build strong relationships and healthy routines that are extraordinarily helpful in placing dogs in their future furever homes.



Donations are never expected, but are always appreciated. Taking on dogs with serious medical conditions unfortunately takes more than just a time commitment on our part. Medical bills pile up and supplies dwindle before our eyes. 

We accept financial donations as well as needed item donations. Please visit our donation page for donation methods.

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