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I adopted a Paw Paws dog. Where can I find their vaccine records?

Records are sent to adopters via email upon adoption. Try searching your email inbox (the email you provided on your application) for messages from or

Where do I go for low-cost vaccines?

Low-cost vaccines are available during Corbin's Corner events on the third Saturday of every month. You may also schedule a time to visit the ranch for them.

Where can I go for free microchipping?

Microchipping events are held periodically in town when possible (normally Yulee or Jacksonville.) You may also schedule a time to visit the ranch for the service. These events are announced on Instagram and Facebook and are also updated on our Events page.

When will my adopted/fostered dog be spayed/neutered?

Adopted and fostered dogs are spayed or neutered only after they are medically fit for the surgery. They must also be old enough for the procedure (6-9 months old at minimum.) Appointments are also of limited availability so we do ask that you remain patient and communicate regularly with us to keep yourself up-to-date on that status.

How do I volunteer with Paw Paws?

There are many options for volunteering!

1. The Rescue Ranch is located in Hilliard, FL and volunteers are always welcome to help maintain the property and/or simply socialize with the dogs. The impact of the latter is much bigger than you'd think!

2. Volunteer to help with transport of animals from various shelters to our ranch or their foster homes. We ask for these occasionally when intake is open. Transport is also sometimes necessary to get dogs to appointments when their foster homes cannot.

3. During chip clinics, adoption events, miscellaneous events, and on Corbin's Corner days volunteers are needed to help customers, direct traffic, and help with set-up and tear-down. Most often, we request these volunteers on our social media pages.

What is the minimum age for volunteers?

We ask that volunteers be at least 16 years old unless actively accompanied by an adult.

Does this dog get along with other dogs or cats?

It is not possible for Rescue Ranch dogs to be socialized with cats, however many of them have been tested with other dogs. With dogs that have been placed in foster homes, we are more likely to have this information. Consider fostering to gauge a dog's fit for your family. Sleepovers are also permitted prior to adoption for this exact reason.

How do I donate?

Donations are simple with PayPal, CashApp, or Venmo and our Donate page provides easy-to-use links for these methods. Our Amazon wishlist can also be found there as well as information for donating physical goods. If checks are your preferred method of payment, please mail them to:

Paw Paws Pet Rescue

2850 SR 2
Hilliard, FL 32046

Currently all donations benefit Corbin's Corner Community Pet Pantry.

For any donation, please be sure to include your name so that we can properly thank you in our subsequent posts!

What does my donation do?

Paw Paws donations go towards medical care for dogs, food, vaccines, microchips, maintenance of the Rescue Ranch, and miscellaneous supply costs (potty pads, diapers, leashes, bowls, etc..) 

If you wish for your donation to go towards a specific use, please let us know when paying (add a note.) Medical donations can also be paid directly to our veterinarian.

Corbin's Corner donations go towards stocking essential pet supplies for community families.

Can I hold my own fundraiser?

Absolutely! We have had many personal fundraisers held for us in the past.

These include children's birthdays, wine sales, Pampered Chef parties, and more. If you need anything to get started, please let us know.

I can no longer keep my dog. Can Paw Paws take them?

Paw Paws Pet Rescue does not accept owner surrenders. We are a rescue dedicated specifically to the rehabilitation of dogs with a severe need for medical care.

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